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Evening has gone Paroles et musique Richard Maubert
1- Evening has gone, morning is soon
And I will stay alone, just to see the moon.
Flowers are closed, may flies are dead,
and I look like a ghost, because she's gone away
Pont 1: I feel this night I feel this light,
No, I can?t sleep now, oh no I can?t
I?ve got a path lit in my head, tonight I shake off my devil blues.

2 - Evening has gone, morning is soon,
and I will stay alone, just to see the moon.
feeling electric, it shines in my head,
darkness is taking flight, I am not longer dead.
Pont 2: I ?m getting higher, that?s my desire,
let me breath in the moon of my paradise.
The sun refused to shine today, because my love, she?s gone away?
The night is young the day is old, just enough to fly my chagrin away
A magic power comes from moonlight moonlight?. oh my sister !

last- My sister moon, gives a large smile,
she calls me up to sleep, to sleep up in the sky.